Lighting Up CancerTM

45,000+ new pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed in the U.S each year. Today, roughly 20% patients survive over one year and 5% patients survive beyond five years from diagnosis. Sadly, these statistics have not significantly improved for over 40 years.

Surgery is the most effective form of treatment, but the ability to precisely identify microscopic tumors while performing surgery has become one of the most challenging problems for surgeons. Similar cancer detection challenges exist during laproscopic and endoscopic procedures.

PancreatRX: Lighting Up Cancer

PancreatRX, LLC is a preclinical-stage life sciences company building up a pipeline of platform technologies with applications to pancreatic cancer diagnostics and treatment. The company is Lighting Up CancerTM together. There are several strategic partnership and collaboration opportunities for diagnostics, therapy, and other applications in multiple oncology indications, in USA and internationally. For more information or to learn about collaboration opportunities, contact us at